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Curriculum for Toddlers

CACCC recognizes that through curiosity and imagination, learning begins. Toddlers love to learn and discover their environments. This is the reason why our installations are specially designed for toddlers to explore since they are always on the go and challenging their, newly found, mobility.

Toddlers are naturally inquisitive so we strive to create a learning environment where your child does not feel pressured to learn but instead will seek out learning experiences because they are naturally occurring.

Our classroom environment is set up with educational activities that are presented in a manner that excites and engages children. These opportunities are essential to their growth and acquisition in math, science, and early language skills. Our program is full Spanish immersion with the efforts to facilitate and make innate children’s ability to acquire a second language, early on.

At this stage, we mainly focus with children on verbal and nonverbal communication.

Not only do we work on verbal language development but we teach and use simple sign language. As our method of guidance at CACCC, we foster self-control through: redirection, reinforcement, prompting, and modeling of positive behaviors. We also aid in helping children to learn new social experiences like taking turns, the ability to listen, life skills, the desire to be independent, the ability to play well with others and more.

We also put emphasis on universal values, as part of our daily curriculum.

Toilet Training is another big step for your child and we have assigned times in the schedule and specialized strategies to use for encouraging and stimulating them to master the needed abilities to be toilet trained. This is something that we will work hand in hand with you, to ensure consistency between home and school.

Our Toddler teachers engage your child in gross motor activities every day.

We have a vast amount of indoor and outdoor gross motor activities that have been fitted into the daily schedule which include: running, using our dramatic play roads, balancing, jumping, and climbing.

Our Indoor extracurricular activities consist of Art, Music, Meditation, Danza, Yoga. These are in addition to our scheduled daily routines. 

Teachers constantly take advantage of our certified outdoor classroom to carry out activities and lessons, they take the toddlers on walks to the greenway (which they really enjoy), and we host many fun seasonal activities!

At CACCC, teachers track your toddler’s progress through our daily communication sheets which provide individualized notes about what your child learned and what happens each day in their classroom.

Also, teachers keep track of your child’s progress over our child assessment portfolio system and daily communication methods to share your child’s development during Parent/Teacher conferences.

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