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Twin Cities Nature Based Program

At Círculo de Amigos our philosophy is to ensure that our kids learn through nature, by being outdoors daily. This is a fundamental component for creating connections between children and nature. 

Nature instills in humans a sense of harmony and relaxation. It exposes us to living things as it promotes curiosity and exploration. With teacher guidance, children can learn about being conscious and respecting living things. Positive self-esteem is able to thrive outdoors because mother nature doesn’t judge people.

Spanish & Culture Immersion

At Círculo, we have a full Spanish immersion program. All the activities and lessons are carried out in this language and scaffolding strategies are implemented to help children learn the language naturally. 

Our teachers are fluent Spanish speakers and knowledgeable of the Latino cultures. More than learning a language, we want to expose children to the rich traditions, celebrations, and customs that encompass this heritage. The learning material is mostly in Spanish and places an emphasis on celebrating diversity.

Kindergarten & School Age

Our school age program offers differentiated and individualized support for kindergartners and older school agers who are engaging in their studies virtually, with distance learning programs from the local school districts. We offer technological help with navigating academic and online platforms, carrying out expected activities, tasks and assignments, as well as homework support. Aside from the academics, we provide a rich, Spanish immersion environment where students also get to master the language and practice it with their peers. When classes are not in session, our educators take the opportunity to engage our school agers in as many outdoor activities that the weather and day allows so that they can experience play and learning through the great outdoors. As part of our natural daily routine, we continue to stress the importance of exercising positive and universal values that also support the strengthening of our student’s characters and social interactions. Fortifying the importance of being socially responsible and justice oriented individuals is part of Circulo’s school age and kindergarten program and mission.

Social Consciousness and Social Responsibility

As educators, we seek to promote diversity, awareness, and acceptance while simultaneously fostering freedom of expression and compassion. Children need to learn to not only be responsible for themselves, but also for others and the environment. The development of social consciousness can help children discover who they are as individuals, what abilities they possess, and what part they can play in a multifaceted world, by drawing upon their strengths.

Social consciousness promotes critical thinking skills and is the precursor to social change. At Círculo de Amigos we have an old fashioned, ethical view to teach our children in the content area but also to provide a measure of character education.

Extracurricular Activities

Family Testimonials

Our school has received a lot positive feedback from parents whose children attended CACCC. See what parents had to say about our school program below:
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The program at Círculo de Amigos has a proud Endorsement through Eco-Healthy Child Care®
MACMH-IEC Endorsement® through Minnesota Association for Children's Mental Health for Culturally Sensitive, Relationship-focused Practice Promoting Infant Mental Health® as an Infant Family Associate!

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