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Curriculum for Infants

Infants need social connections with loving, enthusiastic and responsive teachers who play with them, talk with them, listen to their babblings, name objects for them, and give them opportunities to explore their worlds into an amazing and nurturing environment.

At CACCC, our Infant classroom is dedicated to creating a developmentally enriching and safe atmosphere for your infant to grow and learn.

Our highly trained, kind, and educated infant teachers combine age appropriate activities with the nurturing love and support your infant needs to grow and shape into a confident life-long learner.

  • The infant curriculum’s goal is to stimulate your baby every day.
  • Their needs are addressed with smiles and frequent eye contact.

Meaningful interactions between the infant and teacher are shared during diaper changes, feedings, rest time and playtime.

  • Infants are talked to about what they are seeing and experiencing, therefore encouraging their vocabulary intake.
  • Songs are frequently sung and peaceful music is played during naps.

In the Infant classrooms, teachers track your child’s progress through our child assessment portfolio system.

Teachers use this information to share your child’s development during Parent/Teacher conferences.

Our goal is to provide continuity between Circulo de Amigos and your home.

As part of the routine, infants experience outdoor time as much as possible, they go on walks to the greenway, have fun during water days, enjoy the designated sensory activities throughout the day to stimulate their senses and, there is plenty of cuddle time so that babies are given lots of individualized attention.

Up To Date

Parents are kept up to date with a daily verbal and written report that informs you about feeding times/quantities, diaper changes, nap times, and activities that occurred each day.

Family Presence

Infants have their very own crib and we ask parents to bring family pictures to hang up and ensure that infants feel their families’ presence in the classroom.


Parent involvement is encouraged and are welcomed to visit their children at the center throughout the day or during special events.

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