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Curriculum for Preschoolers

At CACCC, our commitment is to raise eager learners. This becomes possible with our Spanish immersion program that helps children become successful in our increasingly multicultural society and through our Certified Nature Explore Classroom.

Here, children experience rich and meaningful learning experiences through nature.

We have organized an environment that is as natural as possible including: using recycled materials for our academic activities, with the idea to promote awareness about our environment, and incorporating many natural elements.

Our qualified and passionate teachers help our learners create the foundations of social competences that are developed in their first years.

These are linked to emotional well-being and affect a child’s later ability to functionally adapt in school and to form successful relations throughout life. 

We also place emphasis on universal values, as part of our daily curriculum.

Getting ready for kindergarten involves more than just learning the ABCs!

Along with learning letters, sounds, numbers, and rhymes- new social experiences like taking turns and going to school for an entire day need to be considered- as well. For these reasons, we place lots of consideration in focusing on personal and social development, language literacy, proficiency in Spanish, mathematical thinking, physical development, and arts. These support the awakening of their imagination, develop skills like enthusiasm towards learning, solid oral-language, life skills, the ability to listen, and independence.

  • The daily schedule at Círculo counts with versatility and a vast amount of physical play (like running, taking walks, balancing and jumping).
  • During winter, we offer extracurricular indoor activities like meditation, art, puppet shows, yoga, music, in addition to our regular scheduled activities.
  • We have established many outdoor winter activities and games to encourage children to spend time exploring the wonders of nature’s winters.

Toilet Training is another big step for your child and we have designated times in their schedule and specialized strategies to use for encouraging and supporting them to be toilet trained. 

This is something that we will work hand in hand with you, to ensure consistency between home and school.

In the preschool classrooms, teachers track your child’s progress through our child assessment portfolio system and daily communication methods

Teachers use this information to share your child’s development during Parent/Teacher conferences. Open daily communication, along with parent involvement, is encouraged.

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