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Kindergarten & School Age

At age four, your child is transitioning from being a young child to an independent learner.

The days at their oldest classroom are more structured that they were as a toddler and the younger preschoolers.  At CACCC we put close attention to our PreK Readiness and the program is specially designed to stimulate curiosity, excitement in learning and creating self-esteem.  Part of our commitment at this age is that they gain independence, coordination, life and social skills. 

Our qualified teachers work to identify where children are developmentally and plan to works accordingly to the child needs.

School Readiness teachers work with the child to begin to identify the style and type of learning techniques and resonate with each kid.

We believe that by allowing children to participate in this process, children share ownership of their education and become engaged participants in their learning.

Children learn self-help skills while improving language, literacy abilities, and social skills playing with rhyming words, recognizing sounds, beginning to associate letters with sounds, identifying at least 10 letters of the alphabet.

Mathematics is encouraging through a vary ways by sorting, classifying, patterning, recognition, of numeral, ordering, sequences, identifying basic shapes, and the concept of opposites.

We encourage creativity, exploration and imagination thought play identifying body parts, understanding functions of the senses, awareness of the natural word and teach them how to take care of the mother earth, and living things.

Children are offered a wide variety of materials and art experiences daily. We boost arts, crafts, and play to develop fine and gross motor skills.

Social Skills

PreK kids strengthen their social skills and self-assurance through interactive, age-appropriate activities, children continue to grow problem-solving skills, enhance their communication abilities and develop social and life skills done group activities in a classroom setting

Extracurricular Activities

The daily schedule at Circulo counts with versatility and a vast amount of physical play (like running, taking walks, balancing, jumping, and yoga). During winter, we offer extracurricular indoor activities like meditation, art, puppet shows, yoga, music, in addition to our regular scheduled activities. We have established many outdoor winter activities and games to encourage children to spend time exploring the wonders of nature’s winters.

Natural Environment

We have organized an environment that is as natural as possible including: using recycled materials for our academic activities with the idea to promote awareness about our environment. We also stress the universal values as part of our daily curriculum.

We strive to provide consistent care ...

by collaborating with parents to provide continuity between school and home. Open communication daily along with parent involvement is encouraged.

In the older preschool classroom, teachers track your child’s progress through our child assessment portfolio system and daily communication methods. Teachers use this information to share your child’s development during Parent/Teacher conferences.

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