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Maria Gali

A Family Experience at the New Círculo De Amigos

We are moving right along at the New Círculo De Amigos Spanish Immersion Child Care Center. We had our open house on June 26th and were doing tours all day long to many families. We are very happy on how the children are enjoying the new center and how they have shared what they are learning with their parents. We would like to share on this post some of the experiences a family that have enrolled their daughter is having with us. This comes from Jenny Anderson, David Kaplan, and daughter Celia.

Here are the questions we asked them.

1) What prompted you to seek a Spanish Immersion Child Care Center?
We felt that knowing a second language is a huge benefit, both in learning and in life, especially at an early age. As children, we did not have the opportunity to start learning another language until junior high. Getting an early start makes it SO much easier for her to learn, and makes it much more likely that it will "stick" - we have already seen her remembering and responding to Spanish words less than two weeks into her time at Círculo despite having no previous exposure.

As for why Spanish - it is (I believe) the second most-spoken language in the US, and also the second most-spoken language worldwide (right behind Mandarin and before English). Spanish immersion provides her an incredible foundation in a Romance language that is transferable to learning other languages later, should she choose to.

2) Why did you specifically select Círculo De Amigos for your child?
A personal recommendation from a friend prompted us to check it out initially, but we were sold by the staff. It is evident in everything they do how much they love and care about the kids, and how deep their commitment runs to building a safe, healthy, and happy environment where nature, imagination, and creativity are the center of everything they do. We felt that they would take care of our daughter as if she were their own.

3) Based on the last couple weeks your child has been with us, what have you seen in your child that makes you happy to have selected Círculo De Amigos?
She comes home happy and exhausted! She greets her teachers every morning with hugs and smiles, and often doesn't want to leave when we pick her up in the evenings (especially if it means leaving the outdoor play space!). She is already speaking a little Spanish to us and clearly understands even more than she can communicate verbally right now.

4) And finally, what would you say to other parents that are considering or looking for a Spanish Immersion Center for their children?
Celia has attended a few other daycares prior to coming to Círculo and this is by far and away the happiest we've seen her and has been the easiest transition. It is clear how much the staff care for her, and have been incredibly responsive and easy to work with.

Maria Gali

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